sonic all| Sonic driver for toothbrush

Economical and more effective

    Complaints about conventional electric toothbrush
  • Product may perform well but expensive to buy
  • Dedicated spare brush is not widely available at grocery stores
  • Spare brush price is way too expensive
  • Difficult or almost impossible to find the ideal/best brush design for every individual oral care needs. It is due to limited selection of brush filament material, size, softness, etc.

    Issues with normal toothbrush
  • It requires trained-skill to efficiently remove plaque from the gap between teeth and gum.
  • Requires more time (10minutes recommended by dentist) to complete proper teeth-brushing with manual operation.

    Solution : Our exclusive toothbrush Sonic Driver
    Sonicall combines the benefit of both manual hand brushing and electric toothbrush to give you an ideal solution.
  • Co-Developed with dentists and produced in Japan.
  • High performance (24,000 strokes/min).
  • Accommodate most of the toothbrushes and convert them into sonic-vibration toothbrush in seconds.
  • Affordably priced so that anyone can get one for yourself, family and friends, etc.
  • Operates with AAA battery and could last for 2 months. Ideal for home-use and as a travel companion.
  • All family can use their favorite toothbrush and turn it into electric toothbrush with one sonicall.

We provide the best solution for you, from Japan.
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